Lessons learned from life in Costa Rica

Playa Grande, Guanacaste

Pura Vida — two words that have become synonymous to Costa Rica, capturing so fittingly its essence and beauty. A national slogan that encapsulates its way of living, one that favours connection, nature, joy, simplicity, peace, while declaring a relaxed attitude towards everything else. Sounds pretty magical, right? I was determined to live it. Be it.

Well, I’ve come to realize — beautiful in concept, not so easy to adopt. Especially for a control freak like me.

Growing up in a fast paced world, I subscribed to values like productivity, convenience and certainty…

Photo by Josh Sorenson from pexels.com

When I was 8, my family moved to a slummy part of Montreal called Little Burgundy. In the 1980’s, Little Burgundy was a working class neighbourhood, stemming from its history of being populated by railway workers, most of whom were Black. Although in an up and coming neighbourhood, our new home was surrounded by projects in a Black community.

I got enrolled to the neighbourhood school. But upon seeing the demographic of my classmates, my parents rescinded my enrolment for fear that I was surrounded by too many Black kids. According to my parents, they were misbehaved, low class, lazy…


I’m Human. I’m flawed. I make mistakes and learn from them.

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